Individual/Small Group Training

Why has US Soccer been so far behind the European and South American soccer players? The simple answer is TECHNIQUE. Schedule a session today to learn proper techniques from basic to advanced (dribbling, receiving, striking, moves to create space). See the difference video analyses and personal attention can make. Make the play, change the game! To book your time visit


Uppr9t Academies take place during the Winter and Summer months. Locations vary from Greensboro, NC to Martinsville,VA and up 220 North to Roanoke,VA. Not quite as much personal attention as a 1v1 session. Technique is still the focus for the academy and I am able to add small sided games. This lets the athletes practice the technical skills in a game situation.

Camps, Showcase Teams, other Events

Uppr9t Soccer offers camps at various times through the year. Keep a check here for times etc... Uppr9t also works with several other businesses to offer other soccer opportunities like Showcase teams and Special Events. 

2018/19 Winter Academies

Martinsville Technical Academy & Tactical Night

Martinsville Technical Academy & Tactical Night

Academy & Tactical Sessions is running the Weeks of 

December 3, 10, 17

January 7, 14, 21, 28

ENROLL HERE for Academies or Tactical Nights, Further details below. Thank you

There are several options this winter

- 1 or 2 day a week academy (discount if you enroll for both). Academy is pure technical training

- Tactical Thursday's is an opportunity to scrimmage in small sided games, learn angles, movement, how to create offensively and defend properly 1v1 and  with pressure, cover, balance dynamics.  have fun and be creative. 

- U9 to U12 Academy options will be Mondays and Wednesdays 6:30-7:30 (Get both nights at a discount) and Tactical Night is Thursdays 6:30-7:30

- U13 to U14 Academy options will be Mondays and Wednesdays from 7:30-8:30 and Tactical Night will be Thursdays 7:30-8:30

- High School Academy options will be Monday and Wednesdays 8:30-9:30 and Tactical Night will be Thursdays 8:30-9:30

- If you are looking for 1v1 sessions or want to create your own small group, there are times available Tuesdays and Fridays 

- Pass the details to friends and if you or someone you know would like to participate and the finances is an issue, partial scholarships are available. Just call Wes, 336-337-5799. I want every athlete to participate with every activity they want

Individual and Small Group Training

If you would like to schedule an academy for your location, email uppr9t

Total Soccer Retreat - 2019 Date TBD at Ferrum College

Change the soccer experience for you and your teammates


This camp is specifically for High School ladies that have ambition to get to a higher level and impact their teams on and off the field. 

What separates great players from average players?
What separates great teams from average teams?


Most would answer technical skill or talent. This is not wrong, though there are many other elements of the game that are critical.  These include tactical awareness, leadership skills, personality, physical ability and others. Most camps do not build these elements and we want to change the landscape. The Total Soccer Retreat is 3 days that can change your future soccer experiences.  With college coaches and elite technical trainers there daily, the learning process is simple and efficient.  

Location -  Ferrum College

Ferrum, Va

Tentative itinerary 

The 5 topics that are the foundation of our retreat


1. Technical skill - From the basic to advanced, technical skill is a necessity to get to a higher level. You will know how to execute the techniques, plus, when and why each technique is needed.
        A. Receiving - Ground and Air
        B. Striking and Distributing - Proper technique and how to manipulate the ball (driven, chips, curve, volleys, etc..)
        C. Dribbling -  How to create space 1v1 and keep possession
        D. Defending - 1v1 defending technique, Proper tackling technique,  Pressure, Cover, Balance

2. Tactical awareness and knowledge - Build your soccer IQ with sessions built to teach:
         A. Formation strengths and weaknesses
         B. Positional roles (#8, #10, pivots, false 9 etc...)
          C. Different styles ( tiki taka, counter attack, direct, attacking from the wings, combinations etc...)
          D. Runs and movement off the ball (diagonal and lateral runs, how to create angles and read the defense)

3. Leadership/Life skills - How to impact your team not just with your skills
          A. What is leadership
          B. The different ways to lead
          C. How to deal with issues and talk to teammates and coaches
          D. How to gain respect
          E. Value based approach

4. Strength and conditioning - Improving technically and tactically are just part of the work needed. How to get stronger, faster, quicker and build the muscles specific to soccer. Led by James Lofton (Ferrum Women's Coach, Certified Strength and Condition Coach and Certified Crossfit Trainer)

5. College Prep - Many athletes and parents are lost with the college recruiting process. Learn:
           A. The truth about ID Camps and how to choose
           B. What college coaches look for
           C. Recruiting differences for D1,D2,D3, NAIA
           D. How to separate yourself from other recruits
           E. Emails, phone calls, mock interviews and your college list.

Make new friends with common goals


The unique experience at the retreat continues with fun events built to improve social skills, confidence and communication. Events are based by weather, these are some events that have happened previously. Not time for every event obviously
- Water Olympics (water balloons and events that require teamwork)
- Skits (value based and hilarious)
- Scavenger hunt (trivia, riddles and team work)
- Game night (Minute to win it, Who's line is it anyway, Catch phrase, fun challenges)
- Glow in the dark soccer
- S'mores at the campfire

Space is extremely limited so we can keep the personal attention and approach. Only accepting around 25 ladies.  Enroll today before we are booked to capacity. 

Enroll here


- AC Dorm College July 9,10,11 

- Camp shirt

- AC Dorm rooms

- 6 meals

- Locker room

- College coaches, trainers and athlete counselors

Northern High School 2018 Summer Camp


Lady Nighthawks, 9th through 12th grade

Get to know your future teammates


3 days, July 27,28,29

- Learn and discuss the 8 core values, the culture and the philosophy that have made Northern Soccer a unique top NC program

- Technical and Tactical sessions with Ferrum Coaches and athletes

- Fun team building events (water olympics, scavenger hunt, game night, s'mores, etc...)

Start the 2018/19 year with a camp to remember

Enroll here


- Camp shirt and other items

- AC dorm

- 6 meals

- Locker room

- 3 fields for practices (Game, Practice,Turf)